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Scenes from Wrestickle - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 12:31
Daphnie is tickled. She's wrestled. Handled. Flipped about. Put in a headlock. This is fun, playful tickling that ends up getting her all hot -n- bothered (as you'll see in later clips) as she squirms and twists around. Her sheepish, sometimes hidden grins, giggles, coy looks and frequent, sly, eye contact all point to one thing... she's enjoying herself and egging on the tickler. Tickling her neck covers her in goose bumps. Underarms, sides, back, stomach, feet and her legs (her hotspot) make her giggle and laugh. Light tickles on her arms, ears and neck make her coo, hum and squirm around. She likes the attention of tickling hands.

     (adult content)


Scenes from  Daphnie Takes It - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 8:56
Daphnie is tied up and the fun continues. She's tickled with both sensual tickling and all out tickling. She bounces back and forth between laughing and making content, turned on noises when she's tickled "just right". She finds she likes this sensual tickling stuff and the more intense tickling too. She's tickled on her neck/ears, body and legs.

Scenes from  Daphnie Takes It, Part II
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 11:23
More fun and sensual tickling with Daphnie. This picks up right where part one leaves off. Thus far, she's been tickled for about 21 minuets with only a short break to tie her up and so continues another 11 minutes both sensual and more purposeful tickling. She begs and resorts to her safeword a few times, apologizing that she can't take the tickling on her thighs. She asks for a moment "to relax and see if she can do it" and which point her brain switches gears and the tickling does something else entirely to her body. However, a short time later when her legs are revisited by surprise she back to laughing/squealing and can barely deal with her legs being tickled. She whimpers and laughs when her soles and toes are explored. Tickling her neck, ears and arms take her to her sensual place. Daphnie's body doesn't know what to do... does it tickle or is it arousing. (a question that is clearly answered in the next clip)

Scenes from  Daphnie Takes More (tickled to orgasm) - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 15:06
Now, having been subjected to almost 35 minutes of tickling she's in for another 15 minutes. Daphnie is somewhat tired, hot and, it turns out, quite turned on from all she's been through. Things start off with light tickling on her back, sides and underarms. Her body quivers and twitches as fingers roam around her sensitive back and sides while she giggles and makes cute, sensual little noises. The tickling switches from sensual to tickling with a purpose and she's back to laughing and thrashing round. Attention goes to her feet for a bit (the first minute is out of frame due to camera placement) and she's subjected to the sonicare, fingers and fingers with lotion. She states her feet can't fight back anymore. Tickling her neck and ears gets her turned on more as she whimpers, pants and squirms about with her butt writhing around. The tickling moves to her legs and she begs and asks the tickler to stop so she can, "relax and force myself to deal with it" which she succeeds in doing. What follows is Daphnie having an orgasm from having her legs and sides tickled. No "naughty bits" were touched by the tickler during this... her reactions are all from being tickled. She's spent and exhausted as things end.

Video clip: Daphnie's before and after interview (low resolution)


Scenes from Krystal: Locked Up
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 3:38
Neck ticklers or those who like silent laughter... here's one for you.

Krystal finds she's very ticklish on her neck and around her collarbone. Being tickled there locks her up. She can't laugh or breathe when she's tickled there. This is a couple minutes of her adventure. Includes a short post-tickle conversation. Her vision was funny and she was seeing blue spots at the end of this segment... neck tickling really gets to her.

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