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Scenes from Roze Wiggles - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 6:54
Roze. She's the girl next door. Sweet. Soft spoken. Ticklish. Roze has had plenty of tickling during her life and she she claims she's developed "defenses" against tickling. She can hold it in... she control can herself... she's uhhh... wrong. She tries to resist but it doesn't last long. Try as she may she can't help but squirm around, giggle and laugh. She has a quiet laugh and she makes little noises when she's trying to resist. She struggles with trying not to stop the tickling. This is playful tickling as we explore Roze's wiggling self. Underarms, sides, stomach, legs, knees, feet (briefly). 

Scenes from Resisting Roze - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 16:44
Roze is tied up and she's bound and determined (no pun intended) to resist being tickled. She tries to hold it in. Pretend. Suppress. She fails in the most adorable way. She giggles, laughs, sighs and a host of other noises while she tries to deal along with telling the tickler it tickles... as if he didn't know. She even tries resorting to biting her own arm to block out being tickled. Her resistance is eroded away... yet when she's asked if she needs a break she says no. Underarms, side, stomach, hips, legs and feet all get attention.


Scenes from Resisting Roze II - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 9:52
Roze is flipped over and tied down for more testing of her tickling will. She's still got some resistance in her but it's now easier to overcome. Her laughing, giggling and "resistance noises" are more urgent as her will fails her. She squirms around to get away but the tickling keeps coming. She reminds me that "it tickles". She, again, resorts to biting her arm to distract herself from the tickling along with digging her nails into her palms while making a fist--but, her tricks aren't working. She's a rumpled mess when her tickling adventure is finished. Roze is tickled all over with a brief visit to her feet. Adorable. Giggly. Squirmy. Roze.

Video clip: Roze's before and after interview (low resolution)


Scenes from Rachel's Tickle Torture - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 11:38
Ticklish. Very ticklish. Crazy ticklish. That's Rachel. Move a finger toward her and she dissolves into laugher. Place a finger near or on her underarms and she's in stitches. She's easily the most ticklish person I've had the pleasure of meeting but that pleasure is only one way--she hates to be tickled. But, she can't help but burst into laughter when tickled. Tickling is really torturous for her and she uses her safeword a few times in this clip despite trying to take it somewhat easy on her. This is not merciless tickling although she would beg to differ on that point. She gets overwhelmed by it all easily but stays with me like a good little trooper once she was assured the safeword would be respected and I wouldn't be entirely mean to her. After this, off-camera she said it was horrible (you can hear her say this at the end of the preview clip above). Neck, underarms, sides, stomach, hips, legs and feet all get attention.

Scenes from Rachel's Tickle Torture II
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 13:44
Rachel is secured face down and this very ticklish girl is tickled further. See the part 1 description for the full story on Rachel. As in part 1, tickling proves to be a torturous experience for her and she uses her safeword on more than a few occasions. Being tickled by more than the lightest of action overwhelms her. She's challenged with a count of ten while being tickled on each underarm... the mere thought of it and the proximity of the ticklers hand sends her off into somewhat of a laughing panic. She says she hates that spot. Calmed down, she's tickled to ten. Then again. It's torture. Some attention is paid to her feet and she's tickled to the point of running out of breath several times before she has a chance to use her word. Her ordeal ends with almost three minutes during which she agrees to no safeword. She's tickled. She begs, says she can't do it anymore... then she's tickled more. Things end with her stating it was the longest three minutes of her life. 

Scenes from Rachel's Struggle
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 13:03
Rachel is tickled unrestrained. She hates being tickled. She's very ticklish. It goes against everything her brain is telling her to allow the tickler to tickle her. She struggles not to stop what is happening but she can't... her arms have to protect. Even light touches and easy tickling send her over the edge. She can't help but call out her safeword. She uses it quite a bit but she still gets tickled more than she's ever submitted to. She laughs. She can't help it. Rachel is tickled head to toe and it's a hot, tiring experience for her. She got more that she bargained for. The scene ends with her saying it was "terrible".

Scenes from Rachel's Feet
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 10:38
Rachel's feet. This is a compilation of all the scenes of Rachel's feet. Over 10 minutes of feet tickling... some of which leave her laughing until she's out of breath. Her little feet get a good dose of tickling. Note: this clip includes footage from other Rachel clips.

Video clip: Rachel's before and after interview (low resolution)


Scenes from Chris Untied I - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 10:44
Chris surrenders to some untied tickling. Now, understand, she's a very ticklish girl. It took a good bit of convincing to get her to pay a visit. She's a sassy person off camera but that doesn't do her much good once things get started. She's got a cute little giggle before and after tickling stops. She laughs loud and hard until silent laughter overtakes her. Ticking in any number of good spots will often result in her going silent and locked up. She's one to get weak when tickled. I discover the spot on her chest just above her breasts that drives her nuts--she never knew she was ticklish there. Chest. Sides. Underarms. Stomach. Hips. Legs. All great spots. Fun fun ticklish girl.

Scenes from Chris: Tickled to Silence - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 7:53
Chris is strapped down and the tickling beings. She's teased, taunted and tickled in and out of silent laughter for the duration of her time with wiggling fingers. It's a tickling like she's never experienced before. Helpless and unable to do a thing about it. She got cute little giggles before and after tickling starts that are just perfect. Even with what is being dished out she tries to joke and kid around which leads to more tickling. Not to mention her "eyeballing" the tickler when he's nice enough to give her a few seconds to catch her breath. She never learns.

Scenes from Chris: Tickled to Silence II
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 7:57
The tickling of Chris continues and starts with her very ticklish legs. Her legs turn out to be eye-popping ticklish and there's nothing she can do about it except laugh. Her ribs, underarms, stomach and hips get some good attention along with a brief visit to her feet. She's so ticklish. Properly placed wiggling fingers and she's off into silent laughter land in short order. She still has not learned that looking at the tickler while she's been granted a breather is the queue to "tickle me more".

Scenes from Chris: Untied II - Taunted, Teased n Tickled - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 9:02
Chris faces untied, face down tickling. She's teased about the tickling due to come and this alone takes her into a stream of nearly silent giggles as she waits for the tickling that is sure to come. She discovers that being face down makes her more ticklish. She giggles and laughs in and out of silent laughter as her body, feet and legs are tickled. She laughs, calls to God, giggles and becomes seemingly frantic at times. Things end with her having to do a 1-mississippi count to ten.

Scenes from Chris: Wrapped and Tickled
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 14:52
Chris is secured. Her limbs are immobilized with plastic wrap. At first, she states she could get out if she wanted to. However, once the tickling starts she comes to a realization--she can't move. Shortly after the tickling starts she states, "There's no point in trying to move my limbs at all cuz I'm not going anywhere." And so the tickling continues. By this time in the day, Chris had been tickled in other scenes for a bit over an hour. She's tired. And now, just when she'd need her strength the most to fight against the plastic wrap, she's weak and and getting exhausted. What you see here is Chris giving in with some fight now and then. She resigns herself to being tickled (like she had a choice) but her reactions here are different. More subdued. Clearly, the tickling is still having great effect on her but her reactions are that of someone who has given in. She giggles, laughs, hums, coos and of course she goes into silent laughter often. Chris' body absorbs 14 minutes of near constant tickling. This is mostly upper body and legs with a short visit paid to her feet. 

Video clip: Chris' before and after interview (low resolution)

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