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Scenes from Angela: That Tickles - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 9:06
Angela's first tickle while unrestrained. She says she's not going to laugh and is going to hold it in. A short while later she's laughing like a fool. So much for willpower. She's tickled on her legs, hips, her bottom and body which prove to be nice and ticklish. She has the habit of saying at random "that tickles" or "that's a spot" as if she's surprised it tickles. She likes to be tickled.

Scenes from Angela's Feet - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 8:04
Angela is secured in two scenes and her feet get some attention. She likes the brush and sonicare. She actually asks for the sonicare in the second scene after being introduced to it in the first. She also gets the added bonus of some nice slippery lotion. She laughs away like a good little 'lee. Under her toes (and on her baby toe) and the ball of her left foot yield that stepped up laughter of surprise when those spots are visited.

Scenes from Angela in the Tickle Web - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 9:06
Angela is wrapped up in the tickle web. She's held from the neck down with a web that makes her immobile yet open for tickling. Angela breaks out in laughter even at the thought of being tickled. A still hand under her skirt on her hips sends her into peals of laughter. Moving said hand brings on harder laughter. Oh. Did I mention she likes to be tickle tortured? She does. She's full of what seems like endless laughter. This clip is mostly her hips with some legs and a brief visit to her sides and underarms.

Video clip: Angelas's before and after interview (low resolution)


Scenes from Sleepy Allison Feet - Preview
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Size: 1024x576 Duration: 11:07
Allison is taking a little nap and her perfect ticklish little size 5 feet are uncovered revealing her white socks. She's lightly tickled on her feet causing her feet to twitch and spasm. Her sock is removed and the tickling continues. She giggles and hmmms while her feet twitch, twist and spasm. She has very twitchy toes and her other foot often twitches in unison while the other is tickled. She's tickled with a stylus all over her feet including in between her toes, under her toes and all over her soles. As the time wears on she becomes more and more keyed up. Eventually, lotion is applied to her foot and a hair brush it used on her super soft skin while she thrashes, squirms and makes the cutest little noises while enduring her foot tickling. She's a giggler who squeaks and "hmmms" all the while. Her feet are perfect without a blemish are truly a sight and a joy to tickle. This clip contains split screen showing a close-up of her feet and her giggling face.

Note: This clip is 1024x576 resolution. Some older, slower computers may be unable to play this clip properly. Test with the preview clip.

Scenes from Allison Giggles
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 14:26
Allison's very petite body and her tiny size 5 feet are explored. She's a giggly girl who twitches around when tickled. She has willpower to mostly hold still while untied but her feet are another matter. Her feet twitch and flex while they're tickled... and even when other parts of her body are tickled. She comments her cheeks hurt from laughing. Underarms, sides, very twitchy stomach, hips, legs and feet are all explored. She giggles and laughs like the adorable little thing she is.

Scenes from Allison Tied - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 5:10
Allison is tied up. She's not sure what to make of it and is a bit nervous about this "being tied up stuff". She's lightly tickled on her tiny tummy while it spasms, twitches and tries to withdraw from tickling fingers. She's so petite that a hand placed on her stomach will reach both of her sides. Her underarms, side of her breasts and rib cage prove fruitful. Her hip bone proves to the spot that lets her out of her nervous shell--ticklish spot indeed. Allison is a quiet giggler... until her hip bone is discovered.  

Scenes from Allison Tied II
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 10:03
Allison's tied adventure continues. Her underarms, neck, sides, stomach, hips, legs and oh-so-cute feet are explored. Her feet are impeccable--not a blemish on them and very very soft. Ticklish too. Fingers and a sonicare play with her tiny, wiggly feet. Allison giggles and laughs. She's so cute.

Video clip: Allison's before and after interview (low resolution)


Scenes from Lora Tied II
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 10:04
Here we find Lora tied face up. Her underarms, sides, stomach, hips, legs and feet are tickled. This is a lighter tickling segment. With lighter tickling, at times, she's torn between laughing, and "hmm-ing" with delight. She tries to hold out and not laugh but she can't do it.


Scenes from Lora Exhausted - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 6:35
This segment picks up right after Lora asked to be tickled more. She likes to be pushed so the tickling continues. She's tired and hot as thus far she's been tickled for almost 20 minutes with little rest. But, all her ticklish spots are still on alert. Her thighs, hips, sides, underarms and back all get the attention they want. She laughs, moans, whimpers and pleads for the tickling to stop at times but we press on (much to her delight it turns out). When the tickling stops for a moment she lays there panting with an impish smirk which she denies... so she gets tickled some more.

Scenes from Lora Tied I - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 10:14
Here we find Lora tied face down. This is the second segment of her three part adventure while tied. She's got some energy back after a short break but it doesn't take long before she gets worn down again but she's just as ticklish and her laughter keeps coming. She's tickled under her arms, her neck and ears, sides, hips, legs and on her lotion slathered feet. Lora likes to be pushed. It's rare when you've tickled someone to the point where you think they've simply had enough and they're hot, tired, worn out but they don't ask to stop. In this case, her face and neck were bright red while she tried to catch her breath. Then, the unexpected happened... she asked for more. 

Scenes from Lora Untied - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 13:13
Laid back Lora surrenders herself it some untied tickling. She likes to be tickled and things start out with light tickling which makes her giggle, laugh and squirm around. She has some good willpower and tries to resist the tickling (those powers apparently granted by her headband) but as things progress and the tickling gets more intense she can't resist trying to stop the tickling and grabs my hands with little effectiveness. She tells me, "You've done this before".  She's tickled all over her body, underarms, neck, legs and briefly on her feet. Lora was very mellow during her visit. I found out later part of that was an outside "influence" which shall remain nameless but made her very mellow. She asks when she gets to be tied up. She wanted more tickling. Fun, ticklish girl.

Video clip: Lora's before and after interview (low resolution)
Bonus video clip: Laura being defiant


Scenes from Alexis' Discovery - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 8:22
Alexis came to visit thinking her feet were really the only place she was ticklish. Ok, her stomach "just a little" but she didn't mention anywhere else. What her visit reveals is that she's ticklish all over--and how. She'd never been tickled on her knees or her thighs. Her thighs make her flip out. Stomach. Sides. Hips. Arms. Underarms, yeah, they're good too. She says being tickled is like a bad orgasm but her opinion changes later. She's a cute little spicy, spunky ball of energy with an infectious laugh who was an absolute blast to tickle.

Scenes from Alexis Tied - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 9:26
Spunky little Alexis is now tied. She half-heartedly fusses at me in the beginning that she can't move and that I was straddling her. Like a gentleman, I move off of her, then she protests that she likes it. So, I move back and start lightly tickling her. She states matter-of-factly that she wasn't going to laugh. Tisk tisk tisk. Silly girl. Things step up a bit and she discovers she's ticklish in places she didn't know about. She had no idea she was as ticklish as she turned out to be. Her underarms, sides of ribcage (near her breasts) and her ribs make her laugh at the top of her lungs. She thrashes around as much as her little self can muster--she's desperate. She had never been tickled on her thighs before today and they proved very effective indeed. She's so caught up in laugher she can't even fake moan which she tells me she's going to do. She says tickling is like a bad orgasm. This is one ticklish girl and she finds out just how much... calling out her stop word on more than one occasion yet coming back for more. Despite the intensity of it all, off-camera tells me she likes it and wishes I wasn't such a good tickler (soundbite of this is in the preview clip). Awesome girl. 

Scenes from Alexis Tied II - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 8:36
Alexis is tied face down and the tickling continues. She has less movement in this position and she's tickled more purposefully. She tries burying her face in the bed while laughing and yelling. She flails around as much as the binds will allow. She laughs at the top of her lungs. A visit to her thighs really gets to her and she eventually pulls so hard her sweat covered wrist pulls out of the tightly clasped leather cuff. Her feet also get paid a visit much to her dismay. By the end of this segment her back is glistening with moisture and she's one tired, ticklish girl. Yet, despite as she lays there catching her breath she tells me, "she needs more practice in the tickling sport."  What a doll. 

Scenes from Alexis Ticklish Foot Massage
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 3:51
Alexis gets a foot massage. This scene was not supposed to be about tickling at all--just a massage. I make efforts during the massage NOT to tickle her but it doesn't seem to work. Rubbing her her tiny, soft, sensitive feet with massage lotion isn't easy for her to take. I tell her to chill out and she tries to breathe through it. She grins and giggles (among other cute noises) while she squirms and, at times, bites her finger. She tries to protect the foot being rubbed with her other foot and tells me she's having to concentrate very hard. She's tickled on purpose very briefly at the end. Cute, unexpected scene.

Scenes from Alexis Lap Tickles - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 7:22
Alexis' legs are secured and she gets some lap tickles. We spend some time on her legs/thighs (which she really likes) and all over her body and underarms. As usual, her spunky energy and laughter just bubble out of her. In the beginning, she tells me "it feels good" when I tickle her neck. Later, when another visit is paid to her neck she freaks out and ends up using her safeword--her neck is very ticklish she discovers. To wrap things up, I give her the option of picking a place to be tickled she chooses her "new favorite place" her legs. There's something special about holding a cute, ticklish woman on your lap and tickling her as she holds on to your arms to endure and laugh rather than fighting it. Awesome girl.

Video clip: Alexis: Before and after interview (low resolution)

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