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Scenes from Amy: Scared Tickles - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 7:01
Amy agrees to let me tickle her. Thus far, it's been primarily her boyfriend. She's scared. I'm not sure why but I can see it on her face and I tell her not to be scared. As her stomach, underarms and hips are tickled she howls, screams, curses and fights like mad. Her boyfriend is a strong, stocky guy compared to her petite body--his arms are easily double the size of hers. Even with his weight on her arms and a firm grip she manages to overpower him and escape. Her face is flushed from it all. Later, during lighter tickling her fear subsides and she hums, coos, giggles--happy as a clam. I challenge her to hold still for 10 seconds. When she fails she gets tickled more then I start to wrap things up but she asks to try it again--asking for more... how cool is she? Heh. Finally, when I think we're done Mike gives her a surprise raspberry while my back is turned... which leads to a raspberry attack while I hold her arms. She's hooked. 

Scenes from Amy n' Mike - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 9:56
Adorable Amy gets a tickling like she's never had before. The tickler in this journey is her boyfriend and he's all too happy to tickle her like crazy. She's no stranger to being tickled by him but this time she's not allowed to stop him or tickle him back so this is uncharted territory for her. She's tickled all over with a short trip to her feet but she's mostly tickled on her very sensitive body, underarms, neck and legs. She's untied but her arms are held by a yours truly from time to time to give Mike free access to her thrashing body. She laughs, squeals, yells, whoops, curses, thrashes around and generally just flips out when she's tickled. She was hot, tired and panting after this round... yet had a beaming smile on her face. She tells him, "Your ass is mine later."

Scenes from Amy n Stocks
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 3:39
Amy spends some time in the stock. At first, she seems to be enjoying herself while her boyfriend tickles her foot. But then a second pair of hands joins in and it's a different story. Later, the sonicare is brought out and she's concerned even at the sound of it.

Scenes from Amy Tied
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 7:20
Amy tied. This was a clip I originally did not release because there's not much laugher from her in this one. If you're looking for a tied up laughing girl... do not buy this clip. Instead, she whimpers, howls, swears, curses and such. She squirms around while her boyfriend tickles her body and legs. Half way a second tickler joins in for a bit which makes her scream, howl and curse. Her cheeks were flushed red and she was out of breath at the end of this segment.

Video clip: Amy: before and after interview (low resolution)


Scenes from Ariel's Feet
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Size: 720x480 Duration:2:50
Here we spend a little up-close time with Ariel's well pampered feet. Very soft. Very nice. Shapely. This is a short, clip of Ariel quietly giggling away while her feet are tickled. She's somewhat ticklish on her feet--enough to make her giggle and squirm while her feet are explored. Lotion is applied to her feet make ticking her a more slippery adventure. Cute little feet. Cute little giggles.

Scenes from Ariel Uncharted - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration:7:41
Ariel is unique. Prior to her visit she had not been tickled. Not growing up. Not by her boyfriend. Not by her friends. She didn't even know if or where she was ticklish until her roommate (Michelle, below) gave her a "test tickle" to see if she was even ticklish. They found she was indeed ticklish but her roomie tickles didn't compare to what she got on her visit. She says her roommate tricked her. Ariel doesn't quite know what to do when tickled. She's what I'd call average on the ticklish scale but her unfamiliarity with being ticked adds an interesting twist. She jumps, squeals, giggles, grunts and, once her will is broken down, her laughter pours out. It's all new to her and she, despite being told not to... tries to hold it all in. Her body, hips, sides, stomach and underarms work best on her. Her feet are somewhat ticklish with fingers but the sonicare catches her by surprise and works quite well. Ariel visits uncharted waters. Off-camera she thought it was fun and, "Had no idea it would be like this."

Scenes from Ariel's First Tickle
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 8:36
This is Ariel's first time being tickled. She's untied and her body and legs are explored. All this tickling stuff is foreign to her as she has not been tickled in her private life at all... and she's not quite sure how to deal with it. She tries to hold in her giggles and squeals. She doesn't know what to do with her hands. When I pause, she gets nervous because she doesn't know when it will start again--she says the anticipation is almost worse than the tickling itself. She's average on the ticklish scale and one to giggle make little noises, grunts and squeals. This is fun, playful tickling.

Scenes from Ariel Lap Tickles
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 4:08
Ariel's legs are secured in stocks and her body is tickled. She's her giggly self while her body, stomach, hips and underarms are tickled. She's more reactive in this position. This was later in the day so she had warmed up to being tickled and is more relaxed, less guarded. She giggles and squirms around. This is playful tickling.

Video clip: Ariel: before and after interview (low resolution)


Scenes from Michelle's Feet 2
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 8:05
Michelle. Her feet. Tickling. This is a compilation of scenes with Michelle that features just her feet--her most ticklish spot. She laughs, twists, flips, flops and covers her face. Her feet really get to her. Michelle has a quiet, airy laugh. Note: This clip is re-cut footage from Michelle's other clips (does not contain footage from Michelle's Feet). 

Scenes from Michelle in Stocks - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 9:59
Michelle pays a visit to the stocks. Right away she comments, "Now I can't move at all." She lays back saying, "I can't look" and covers her face with her hands. As before, she's a quiet girl. She has an exhaling-airy laugh while her body twitches, spasms and wiggles around. She tries to breathe through light tickling on her stomach, sides and underarms with a stoic look on her face. Her twitching legs, stomach and erratic, heavy breathing give away what being tickled is doing to her senses. Tickling her feet sends her into to her near silent-airy laughter while flopping and rocking around on the bed. Somehow, covering her face makes it easier for her to handle being tickled. While leaning against my lap we briefly play peek-a-boo when she wants to cover her face but I won't let her--she immediately starts giggling. This clip contains light playful tickling and heavier tickling that leaves her breathless. When we're done she comments, "...this tickling stuff is tiring." One quiet, ticklish, cute woman--that's Michelle.

Scenes from Michelle's Feet - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 4:10
Michelle lays on her stomach and her feet are pinned. She's a quiet laugher even when she's tickled on her very sensitive feet. She squirms around, bucks and buries her face in her hands to endure the attention paid to her ticklish feet. A few minutes into the clip lotion is put on her feet. She's shocked to discover it makes her feet more ticklish. She comments, "Oh no... I didn't think it could get worse." Her laughter changes after the lotion is added.. more frantic. She doesn't think she can take the tickling any longer with the lotion but we press on.


Scenes from Michelle "Oh Man" Untied - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 8:16
Quiet, petite, little Michelle gets tickled. She ticklish all over but she tries to remain calm and quiet. She often covers her face as if she's embarrassed to laugh or make noise. She jumps, squirms, grunts and has a very quiet "airy" laugh when she can't hold it in anymore. She often comments, "Oh man..." as she surprised how ticklish she is and is worried about what is to come. This is playful tickling while we figure out what makes Michelle tick. She's a cutie. Her soft, pampered feet really get to her.

Video clip: Michelle: before and after interview (low resolution)

April (second visit)

Scenes from April: Stocked Feet - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 10:56
April is back! She had a lot of fun last time and was in the neighborhood so we tied her up and tickled her some more. April groans, whimpers and grimaces when you hint you're going to tickle her feet so we decided to secure her in stocks and give her feet some attention with fingers and a sonicare. She keeps her feet well maintained so they're smooth, soft and oh so sensitive (nicely polished too...). April likes to be ticked... and the laugher, giggles, groans and whimpers flow out of her in this segment. She tries to resist at times... but it doesn't last for long. Fun fun girl. This is all foot tickling.



Scenes from Britney's Feet - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 5:48
Britney is tied and tickled for the first time. In our conversations leading up to this she never mentioned her feet were ticklish--only her body (sides, actually...). She's tied and her feet are explored. She's in for a bit of a surprise. Her feet prove to be quite ticklish indeed and she can't stop laughing, giggling and saying "ok". Fingers just moving toward her feet make her laugh and her feet squirm around. She's got a cute, bubbly laugh and is a fun, pleasant and squirmy girl. Cutting the video of Britney put a smile on my face... she's just so much fun to tickle. I don't know what "it" is about her but whatever "it" is she has "it". See... un-20 somethings need tickling too. ;) This clip is just her feet.

Scenes from Britney Tied - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 10:44
Now with Britney secured she can't squirm away or protect herself. She's a very ticklish girl who discovers she's ticklish in places she didn't know about... namely her underarms and neck which both make her go bonkers. She claims people have only tickled her on her sides and stomach so this comes as quite a surprise to her. She gets a workout in this segment and by the end is hot, exhausted and sweaty from being tickled. Her shirt and the bed sheet were both damp when we finished. Areas explored here are neck, underarms, sides, stomach, hips.

Scenes from Britney Untied - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 8:40
Britney is giggly and nervous before she's even tickled. Just addressing her without mention of tickling or even a motion in her direction makes her start laughing. She's giggly, bubbly and squirmy. She's untied and tries her hardest to try and not stop me from tickling her but she can't do it and her hands spring to her defense while she giggle and laughs away. Several times her arms are put up and she's supposed to keep them there--she fails almost instantly. She's so cute. Her neck, underarms, sides, stomach, hips and legs get attention and none disappoint. She's one ticklish girl and a fun one at that.

Scenes from Britney's Feet II - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 4:58
More tickling time with Britney's feet. She's face down and is both free and tied in this segment. She laughs, giggles, squirms and, when free, covers her face and laughs into her hands. As mentioned earlier, she didn't know her feet were so ticklish. She comments, "I guess no one's really tickled me there." Today, that's changed and her soft, squirmy feet get the attention they've been missing.


Video clip: Britney: before and after interview (low resolution)

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