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Scenes from Sylvia's Feet
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 2:57
Sylvia's soft, tiny little size 5 feet get some tickle time. She starts giggling and laughing before my fingers even touch her feet. Once the tickling starts she laughs, giggles and protests and says I'm making her turn red.

Scenes from Sylvia, Part 1 - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 5:50
Stunning little Sylvia resigns herself to being strapped down and tickled. She's a delicate little thing. She barely speaks or understands english so her off camera companion does some translation during our play (he was quite amused by it all). Sylvia seems to have put herself in a situation she didn't expect. She knew she was going to be tickled but I don't think she fully grasped what she signed up for. She's a calm and reserved person when not being tickled and she tries to maintain that persona with not much luck. I mock tickle her and she starts giggling without a finger touching her. She says "no" and protests in her demure little way despite that beforehand she was advised that her pleas would be ignored. This is mostly upper body. Her underarms are her weakness so we visit those often. Attention to her stomach, sides and legs prove effective as well. She tells me I'm bad.



Scenes from April Tied, Part 2 "Tickle Sponge"
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 7:36
As you may know, April likes to be tickled. So as not to disappoint her we gave her a short break to catch her breath and get a drink then secured her with straps for some more kneading, poking and whatnot to put her in stitches once again. We also visit her oh-so-ticklish collarbone (she didn't know she was ticklish there), stomach, sides, hips, thighs, to name a few. She enjoys herself a great deal. 


Scenes from April "Tickle Sponge" Untied - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 11:47
Let's tickle April. We start off with her untied and explore her ticklish body. I gave her the nickname "Tickle Sponge" during our time together because she simply takes any amount of tickling you throw at her and comes back for more with a smile and a cute little giggle. April loves to be tickled. Thanks to her willpower and self-control she can usually just take being tickled without fighting back. Her feet, legs, hips, sides and underarms are all very effective tickle spots but her legs and hips make her go bonkers. During this shoot, the cameras ran through their tapes but we were having such a good time I just kept tickling her (with her consent, of course). She's very athletic and has tons of stamina... but by the time this day was done she was an exhausted, 'lee who just kept giggling to herself. She never uttered "stop" in any form.

Scenes from April's Feet "Tickle Sponge" - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 10:12
This clip is footage which showcases April's oh-so-ticklish feet. April loves to be tickled but when there's a hint of tickling her feet coming she becomes quite the concerned girl and usually whimpers with dread. She gets regular pedicures so her feet are well pampered and soft so there's nothing to get in the way of tickling. April's feet get a visit from fingers, the sonicare, a stylus and a brush. Toes, arches, heels, sides and tops of her feet... it's all good.  Note: This clip is a compilation of re-cut footage from April's other clips.

Scenes from April Tied "Tickle Sponge" - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 13:28
Finally, we find April tied. She prefers to be tied when tickled as being physically unable to stop it and out of control increases the effect for her. She's tickled all over including her soft, sensitive feet (with fingers, a brush, sonicare), her hips and legs which reeeealy get to her and collar bone which was a  surprise to her. This segment includes some light playful tickling as well as more intense tickling. April was lots of fun to tickle and she really enjoyed herself. She just can't get enough of it. 

Video clip: April's before and after interview (low resolution)


Scenes from Lisa Resists
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 8:20
Lisa gets tickled while untied for a bit. Off camera she asked sort of bewildered, "I'm just supposed to just let you tickle me. I can't beat you up and stuff?" So, while letting someone "just tickle her" for the first time ever she's also resisting the urge beat me up. She really tries to resist the tickling, hold in her laughter and keep quiet but it doesn't always work. She's tickled playfully in his segment to ease her into it all since she was nervous. She squirms, twitches and twists around while often covering her mouth as if that will stop her laughter from coming out. She's quiet through willpower until she's overwhelmed and she can't hold it in anymore... but she's also one to go into silent laughter when she's tickled harder.  Her underarms, sides, stomach, hips, legs and feet all get some attention.

Scenes from Lisa's Discovery - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 13:24
All righty then... let's step things up a bit shall we? We finally get Lisa tied up for some tickling. Before this point she had asked about when she was going to be tied like three or four times. She's never been tied up--ever. I get the impression she wanted to see what being tied up was like. We start off lightly on her body. Like earlier, she tries to contain herself. She's a quiet girl. Soon though, she's gasping and laughing (sometimes can't make a sound when being tickled). Her body, stomach, very sensitive ribcage/underarms, legs, hips and feet are all get attention. We discover that the front of her ribcage under her breasts is way sensitive... when I linger there she goes bonkers. About midway through after a rather intense period I stop to give her a break. While catching her breath she says, "Wow, that's kinda fun" and says that she liked it. She has further comments later in the clip during another break. Turns out tickling is fun. Imagine that. Being tickled while tied was an interesting discovery for Lisa.

Scenes from Lisa Restrained - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 11:19
Lisa strapped down on the tickle table. She's been tickled for quite a while leading up to this point. She's somewhat tired but no less ticklish. All her ticklish spots are revisited ranging from gently tickled to hard and fast while she's unable to move. At the end of the clip I call in Lisa's friend to help. Neither had any idea I would summon her from the sideline. What follows is a cute, unexpected quick tickle between friends.

Video clip: Lisa's before and after interview (low resolution)


Scenes from Lacey: Nervous Tickles - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 12:50
Cute as a button Lacey resigns herself to be tickled. Well, maybe. Almost. She's scared, giddy and just plain nervous about what is about to happen. She struggles with instructions to move her arms out of the way--something, she says, she's never done in her life. As we start she makes the comment, "I'm so ticklish. You just don't understand." She giggles and squirms around even before she's tickled and just the thought of getting tickled makes her burst out laughing. Lacey is playfully tickled while she tries to fend off tickling hands. She's got a cute, musical laugh that just bubbles out of her prior to and while being tickled. Her stomach, sides, underarms, neck, back, legs and very sensitive feet all get attention resulting in nervous, bubbly, laughter with plenty of squirming around. Playful tickling.

Scenes from Lacey Tied - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 8:08
Here we have our nervous little Lacey tied. She's frustrated that she can't move. Things start out on her stomach, underarms and then move down to her cute little feet. After a short bit of tickling her feet I motion to her boyfriend, who was watching off camera, to come join me in the fun. He pops over and starts going to town on her feet much to her surprise. The remainder of the clip is the two of us tickling her all over. He appears to like tickling her feet as he seemed to gravitate toward them although he does wander up to her body for a time. She tells him he's ruthless. So, while he's getting her feet I explore her feet, torso and underarms. Now and then she tried to resist but it doesn't last for long and her musical giggles and laugher bubble out of her.

Scenes from Lacey's Feet
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 6:36
Here we spend some time with Lacey's tiny, soft feet. She giggles and squirms as her feet are explored with fingers, a flosser and sonicare. She's a squirmy one. When I prepare to use the flosser on her she comments, "I don't like this thing ...  I said that as soon as I saw it." Her suspicions prove to be true. Giggly girl. Cute, ticklish feet.


Video clip: Lacey's before and after interview (low resolution)


Scenes from Nikki, Part 1 - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 6:32
Nikki tries to resist laughing and responding because she doesn't want to "sound like a maniac" but persistence pays off.  We start off with light tickling on her sensitive, twitching stomach (with a tight shot to reveal those twitching muscles). She's able to contain herself and just gasps and grins until the tickling becomes firmer then laugher starts leaking out. Her weakness is her underarms and we spend some time on them too. She's more responsive with light to firm lingering touches which wear her willpower down and really get to her. She says I'm mean... but that it was fun. She likes tickling. This is a lighter clip. More intense tickling reveals itself in part 2.

Scenes from Nikki, Part 2 - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 10:08
After a short breather at the end of part 1 it's time to make Nikki laugh and squirm some more. Her underarms, ribs and stomach are explored further. We learned in part 1 that lighter touches are really what get to her so with that tidbit of knowledge she's in for a rougher time. When she told me where she was ticklish originally she neglected to mention her ribs or her feet then admits she was lying--she guesses correctly that girls who lie get tickled more. She's a smart one, no? A trip is made down to her feet with a flosser, toothbrush and good old fingers. She calls me a monster early on. I honestly wonder if she thought her feet weren't that ticklish but discovered otherwise. A visit to her hips and thighs reveals a bit of desperation. What a fun fun girl.

Scenes from Nikki Gets It
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 15:07
Nikki's ordeal continues after another break. Increased knowledge of her tickle spots has proven valuable and it's further exploited here. Nikki gets a through ticking in this extended session of her body and hips. She uses her safeword on a few occasions and, at times, appears quite frustrated with the restraints holding her tiny arms. Underarms, ribs, stomach, hips... they all get attention.

Scenes from Nikki Resists
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 3:51
Nikki tickled untied. Being restrained had some sort of kryptonite-like effect on Nikki's ability to resist being tickled. Here, Nikki is tickled unrestrained and her willpower to resist being tickled is much different--for a period. She somewhat holds in her laugher so that she, in her words, "doesn't sound like a maniac". Her breathing is erratic and her body still twitches around when tickled but she's somewhat in control of her reactions... for a while. Her resolve is eventually worn down though and the laughter and squirming return. Nikki's hips, body and underarms are explored.

Scenes from Nikki Resists, Part 2
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 7:26
2nd half of Nikki untied. She's flipped over and, like most girls, she's more ticklish in this position. A visit to her ribs and underarms sends her laughing hard with her face buried in the bed while kicking her feet. Her hips (the joint of her leg and pelvis, actually) proves to be a serious hot spot for her--she can't resist it. She wiggles around and gets flipped over at which point her willpower returns and she attempts to breath through the tickling with some success. But, her heavy breathing, smiling, squirming, twitching body tell the real story. Her rock hard abs (she actually has a visible 6-pack!) are lightly tickled causing the aforementioned squirming and erratic, heavy breathing. This clip has a mix of her laughing hysterically and some periods of mellow tickling with lots of squirming. When we're done she sits up and is still laughing and giggling from her ordeal. 

Video clip: Nikki's before and after interview (low resolution)

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