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Scenes from Tiffanie Sleepy Tickled - Preview
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Size: 640x480 Duration: 8:56
Tiffanie has had a hard day at work. Before retiring to bed she adds an entry to her diary and drifts off to sleep. While she's sleeping her journal entry unfolds. Her beautiful, pampered feet are uncovered and lightly tickled. Her feet are very ticklish and the slightest touch makes her toes spasm and wiggle, her foot twitches and wiggles with adorable animated results. She quietly giggles and gasps in her sleep. The tickler then ties her up and tickles her body. She giggles, gasps and laughs no matter where she's tickled. This scene features her lovely feet, a tight shot of her twitching stomach lightly tickled an an exploration of her sensitive ribs. 

Scenes from Tiffanie Tickled - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 7:32
Tiffanie gets more tied up ticking. She's been tickled for a while now and you can see her nervousness while she waits for the tickling to continue. She sighs and giggles to herself when given a breather and is just plain cute. Here, her body, underarms, hips and legs are explored and she often time flips out and lifts herself right off the bed when when she's tickled in just right spot. She uses her safeword a few times and finally we have to take a break because she feels she's going to wet herself. Wonderfully ticklish girl and such an adorable, giggly laugh.

Scenes from Tiffanie Untied - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 11:42
Tiffanie untied. She's so much fun. She's a giggly, squirmy girl and watching her try to obey instructions to keep her arms up or hold her feet still are so entertaining. She weakly grabs tickling hands to no avail. She's a good sport about counting down to her own tickle attack with some apprehension in her voice. Even though this is light tickling she's still beside herself with laugher and musical giggling. Light stroking, poking and kneading all work well on her body and legs. Her feet are very sensitive--she flails and rolls around as they're tickled.

Scenes from Tiffanie Tickled, Part 2 - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 5:59
She thought she was done being tickled... but not quite. Her beautiful feet are paid a visit with a sonicare and fingers then things wander back up to her sensitive body. She's getting worn out by now but that doesn't make her any less ticklish.  She giggles, tries to hold her laughter and just plain laughs hard. Near the end of this clip she's agreed not to use her safeword which results in her being overwhelmed and she falls into silent laugher while her ribs and stomach are tickled. If you've watched the post-interview clip with Tiffanie, which was immediately after this segment ends, you can see she's quite the tired, ticklish girl.

Video clip: Tiffanie's before and after interview (low resolution)


Scenes from April Untied - Preview
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Size: 640x480 Duration: 6:13
April. She's such an excellent person to tickle. Seems no matter where you wander you'll find a place that is ticklish. Starting at her feet and working up her body we flush out her ticklish spots. She comments, "it's been a while since I've been tickled anything like that."  She likes to be tickled so finding a good spot and lingering just results in her wiggling/thrashing around while giggling, snorting or with adorable laugher. Light tickles make her coo and hum with delight.  She comments, "this is almost better than eating chocolate." She's a gem. :)

Scenes from April Untied, Part 2 - Preview
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Size: 640x480 Duration: 7:15
This is a continuation of part one. Her body, including her neck and ears, are explored with great results. The tickling in this clip is more intense and she just soaks it all up. She comments, "I don't think I've ever laughed so much."  At one point she mentions being tickle tortured when young. I ask her if she liked it then, she replies yes. Then, I ask if she likes it now; she also replies yes... so I tickle her harder. This is all her body including her hips and legs. I repeat, she's a gem.

Scenes from April Tied, Part 1 - Preview
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Size: 640x480 Duration: 8:22
Here we have the lovely and very ticklish April tied and the tickling continues. She likes to be tickled so this silly, animated girl gets tickled from her feet all the way up her body. Part one is the first half of what ends up to be 17 minutes of ticking like April has never experienced before. She gets a full range of tickling from what she calls "baby tickles" to hard, fast tickling that drives her crazy and sometimes into silent laugher. April is a wonderfully ticklish, fun girl you won't want to miss.

Scenes from April Tied, Part 2 - Preview
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Size: 640x480 Duration: 10:01
This is a continuation of April Tied, part 1. This clip starts with April in the middle of her nearly non-stop 17 minute tied tickling adventure. She's already been subjected to 8 minutes of continuous tickling and she's turned into quite the hot, sweaty girl (her chest glistens in the light). By now, she's getting tired and becomes a silly, goofy girl--almost punchy (or loopy) from being tickled. With light tickles she coos and hums with delight only to be sent into a fit of thrashing when the tickling is stepped up. About midway, I pause briefly to let her rest and ask if she's ok, she says she's ok then, quite unexpectedly, in a tired little voice she simply tells me, "tickle". What a trooper. :) Near the end of this clip you can tell she's had enough. I finally stop--she's exhausted and lays there sighing with little giggles while I untie her.

Scenes from April's Feet - Preview
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Size: 640x480 Duration: 5:02
Let's take a look at April's Feet, shall we? This is a foot only-clip that showcases just her lovely, ticklish, squirming feet. She gets a dose of finger tickling along with some time spent with a Sonicare (which she says feels good). Note: This clip is re-cut footage from the other four April clips.

Scenes from April Playful Tickles
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Size: 640x480 Duration: 7:43
This is lost footage of April in a playful scene of her untied. She starts face down but she squirms, flips and flops around into any number of positions finally ending up laying on my lap. She's her normal cute self. She's full of comments, snorts, giggles, laughter, squeals and just plain funny reactions that made her such a joy to tickle. Her back, sides, stomach, underarms, neck, legs, feet and hips are explored with greats results. At the end she comments it was awesome and she likes to be tickled. Somebody clone her. Please.

Video clip: April's before and after interview (low resolution)


Scenes from Renee - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 5:54
Renee claimed she wasn't nervous about getting tickled but her reactions seem to say otherwise. She's jumpy, jittery and just plain nervous about getting tickled. She's unable to hold still and her arms instinctively attempt to block tickling fingers. This is playful stuff while she's explored to flush out where she's ticklish. Underarms, sides, hips, legs and her flawless feet are tickled in this segment. This is largely her body with just over one minute spent with her feet. 

Scenes from Renee's Feet - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 4:36
Renee has nearly perfect feet. She gets routine pedicures and her feet show it. Smooth, soft and, of course, ticklish. Her feet are explored with fingers and a Sonicare while she thrashes around, squeaks, yelps and gasps. You can hear her holding in her laughter for most of this but every now and then she bursts out laughing. This is a foot-only clip re-cut from Renee's other footage to showcase her beautiful, ticklish feet.

Video clip: Renee's before and after interview (low resolution)

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