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Scenes from Kim's Squirmy Tickles - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 9:30

Here's Kim. A tiny little women with a petite, ticklish little body--one can easily tickle her whole torso with two hands. She likes to be tickled so she thought this would be fun (she was right). She has an easy, musical, flowing laugh and giggle that just makes you want to tickle her more and more and more. Her laugh just bubbles out of her. Kim is a giggling, tense mess before hands even touch her and in a rather cute fashion she hides her face as if that will stop or help her ticklish situation. The impending tickling has her giggling and laughing and the tickler lets her anticipation build. She's tickled from head to toe with excellent results. Tickling her sensitive neck locks her up. Her sides, stomach and underarms send her off into peals of laughter as do her feet and legs. Once you start tickling her... you just don't want to stop. 

Derek Synklaire

Scenes from Derek's Feet Tickled in HD
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Size: 1280x720 Duration: 9:26

Derek's soft, little, perfect, ticklish feet are secured in two positions and tickled with fingers, brush, sonicare and lotion. She laughs, yelps, squeals, begs and thrashes about while her lovely feet are explored. Her ticklish feet are well maintained and there's not a blemish on them.

Scenes from Derek's Squirms
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 10:22

Derek is worried. She warns "I'm a flailer" right before the tickling starts when she's untied. She's a wiggly, flippy-floppy kinda girl when she's tickled and being tickled while not tied down has her worried. She laughs, whimpers, whines and squeals while she's tickled from head to toe. She's told to put her arms up a few times but she just can't do it for more than a few seconds. She's a fun, spastic, animated girl to tickle and her face turns bright pink as she's tickled. When her perfect little feet are pinned and tickled she flops around like a fish out of water.


Scenes from Erin: I Hate It - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 8:58

Erin is a small girl standing 5'3" tall. Erin is very ticklish--everywhere. Erin hates to be tickled. Really. To her, being ticked is the worst thing and, in her words, "is evil torture". Here, she's strapped down and tickled from head to toe. She laughs hard; sometimes to utter breathlessness. Her face and neck turn red from all her laughter. Tickling her neck gives her goose bumps all over her body. She also swears like a sailor at times which seems to go against her innocent appearance and shy demeanor. In some places, just two wiggling fingers are devastating to her and send her into peals of laughter. She tells me off camera she tells me I'm mean.

Scenes from Erin: I'm Gonna Die - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 8:17

Erin is tightly strapped down and tickled until she calls it quits. She's tickled from head to toe but mostly on her very sensitive body, hips, underarms and neck. We discover that if her head is held still so she can't move it the tickling is worse for her. She curses like a sailor, tells the tickler she hates him and protests when she can catch her breath. She's tickled until she's worn out and what you could call "calmly frantic" if that makes any sense at all. Ultimately, this segment was cut short as she'd simply had all she could endure so we stopped early. She tells him, "I think you shouldn't be allowed to tickle anybody..."

Erin behind the scenes comments

Scenes from Erin: Twisting Tickles - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 8:14

Erin is a very ticklish girl... and tickling her while she's not restrained is like trying to tickle a giggling, wiggling worm. She slithers around, rolls over, curls up, wiggles away and and any number of other moves to avoid being tickled. Here, she is playfully tickled while she giggles, laughs and quietly squeals and squirms about. Tickling her neck sends her into a nearly silent "locked up" state and her whole body gets covered with goose bumps. Erin is wrestled around and tickled until she's exhausted in this fun, playful segment.

Video clip: Erin's before and after interview (low resolution)

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