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Scenes from Stacey: Tied n Tickled - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 14:49
Stacey is tied up to be tickled. She scared. She's ticklish. She likes to be tickled. She's never been in a situation where she was going to be tickled and could not fight back. She's tickled all over (neck, underarms, torso, stomach, hips, legs, feet) and her laugher ranges from cute little giggles, all out frantic laugher, silent laughter and snorting thrown in now and then. Her face turns red and she's a hot n sweaty girl from being tickled and is worn out by the end. Her perfect feet with red toes get tickled with fingers, lotion and sonicare. She's a fun, chatty girl who blurts out random comments along the way.

Scenes from Stacey: Teased Feet (in HD) - Preview
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Size: 1280x720 (Hi-Definition) Duration: 9:43
Stacey has laid down and now her cute little feet are just waiting to be teased and tickled. She's a twitchy, giggly girl and her toes, feet, legs and body twitch and squirm around while her soft feet are slowly tickled and teased with a stylus and fingers. She giggles and laughs from the light, probing touches. The stylus is small and softly pointed which allows plenty of access to those rarely touched sensitive places between her toes--her toes and feet twitch and wiggle around while she tries to endure the sensations. She comments while being tickled between her toes that, "it's the worst good feeling ever" followed by a cute little giggle. This clip is soft, sensitive feet slowly teased and tickled while she giggles away.

Scenes from Stacey Likes It - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 16:24
Stacey is tickled while untied. She's a very very fun girl to tickle. She likes to be tickled and offers minimal resistance to tickling fingers. She rolls around as much as her small 5'2" body can muster but she gets weak when tickled so it is very easy to pin or hold still. Her neck, underarms. hips (an unknown spot to her) and knees make her dissolve into musical laughter, occasional snorts and hiccup-like giggles. Once the tickling stops her laugher just keeps leaking out--she can't stop giggling. Her cute little size 6 feet also prove to be quite ticklish and very twitchy. Stacey was worn out at the end of this scene... exhausted, hot and out of breath (even her hands were sweating). Despite her state after this scene a quick drink of water and she perked up with "what's next!" -- she was ready for more. A true jewel.

Scenes from Stacey's Feet (in HD)
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Size: 1280x720 (Hi-Definition) Duration: 7:25
Stacey's soft, pretty and ticklish feet are tickled while pinned and while in stocks. Fingers, lotion and a sonicare keep her sensitive feet twitching and her laughter going. Under and between her toes are her weak spot. NOTE: This clip is a compilation of the same footage from Stacey's other clips that were shot in standard definition. This clip was shot in hi-definition with an alternate camera at the same time and features only her feet.

Video clip: Stacey's before and after interview (low resolution)


Scenes from Tiffany Resists
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 11:28
Meet Tiffany. She's a compact little girl. She's a gymnast and is graced with a short, athletic, muscular body. She's a very strong willed person who tries to hold in her reactions while tickled. She tries... sometimes she succeeds, usually she fails with a squeak, a jerk of her body followed by laugher.  She tries over and over and over while her ticklish body is explored... her will is there but her body betrays her.

Video clip: Tiffany's before and after interview (low resolution)


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