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Scenes from Gia's Journey - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 22:25
Gia is a tall, very petite, very quiet, soft spoken girl. She's very ticklish (much to her surprise). She bursts into laughter when first tickled then like clockwork falls into silent laughter until she takes a breath, lets out a laugh  then falls silent again. She has a tiny tiny body... so small that her whole stomach and ribs can be tickled all at once with two hands. Gia gets a tickling workout on her stomach, ribs, underarms, hips, legs and briefly on her feet in this 22 minute tickle session. She uses her safeword now and then but agrees to being tickled in her worst spot and not use her word. This clip is longer than usual because Gia was given the option to stop or continue at one point and she chose more tickling. She had a great time and liked the out of control feeling while her tiny body was tickled.  She comments during a brief pause that [the tickling] "is like between orgasm and torture". Later she comments, "This is awesome" followed by a little giggle.

Scenes from Quiet Little Gia
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 14:54
Gia's tiny little body is tickled while she's free. She's a very passive 'lee... she generally remains pretty still while being tickled... it's almost like her body just gives up. Still, she squirms about when her most sensitive tickle spots are visited. Her silent laughter comes and goes throughout this clip. Fun girl. Tiny body. Gia.

Video clip: Gia's before and after interview (low resolution)


Scenes from Christina: Ticklish Everywhere - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 15:14
Christina is tickled untied. Christina stated, "I'm ticklish in a few places." when we first talked--come to find out a few places means everywhere once wiggling fingers touch her body. She's shocked at how ticklish she is. Everywhere sends her into giggles or deep belly laughter. Even taunting fingers make her laugh nervously. Touching her neck sends her off into a squirming, bucking, laughing panic as do her sensitive hips. She also claimed her feet were just "a little" ticklish as she gets pedicures all the time and it does not tickle. Well, her feet are very ticklish indeed--she can't believe how ticklish. Christina is a very ticklish woman who gets a real tickle workout. When this segment was done while she is wiping the tears from her eyes she breathlessly states, "Whooo-wee... that was interesting."

Scenes from Christina: OMG Tickles - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 16.46
Christina is tied up and it's time for some serious tickling. She's giddy and laughing even as fingers just wiggle near her. Christina is a very ticklish, highly animated person. Tickling her sends her off into fits of laugher while her body thrashes and squirms to get away from the tickling. Her belly buttons is very ticklish. She's never been tickled like this and it's a shock to her. She comments "OMG" anytime she can catch her breath. Her neck turns out to be her unknown tickle panic spot--she didn't know her neck was ticklish and it freaks her out to be tickled there. A short visit is paid to her toes with the sonicare. At about the 10 minute mark in the clip the tickling stops briefly to check on her as she's somewhat "out of it" and dazed from being tickled... once confirmed she's ok the tickling starts again but she's still (and remains) kind of spaced out from it from that point. The final 2:45 of the clip is her calming down and some small talk about the experience. 

Scenes from Christina: I'm Gonna Be Tough - Preview
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Size: 720x480 Duration: 8:12
Christina's final round of bound tickling. The clip starts out as one would expect but takes a turn when she decides to tell the tickler, "I'm-be tough. You can tickle all you want." Why she decided to utter this is unknown but... she did. As a result, she gets tickled longer and harder than she had been previously... and she wants to take it back. She claims she didn't say it. Her sides, neck, stomach, belly button, bottom of her breasts and hips all get attention that send her off into hysterical laugher. She struggles so much she manages to get one of her legs free from the cling wrap. The clip ends with her stating that she probably looks like she just had sex.

Video clip: Christina's before and after interview (low resolution)

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