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Allison is a very petite, deliacate woman standing 5'2" tall. Her tiny size 5 feet are, for lack of a better word, perfect--not a blemish on them. She's ticklish head to toe and is a giggly type girl. The way her feet twitch is a sight to behold. 




Lora is 5'11" tall with size 11 feet. She's a soft spoken, very laid back kinda girl. She's ticklish all over but we found her ribs, legs and underarms to be hotspots. Also under her toes proved to be a good spot. She likes to be tickled and as you can see in her interview quite embarrassed to admit it. When given the option of a break or more tickling she chose more tickling on several occasions.


Alexis is 5'3" tall with very soft size 7 feet. She came to visit thinking it was just her feet that were ticklish and her stomach "just a little". How wrong she was. We flush out her ticklish spots--many she didn't know existed. She was shocked and quite surprised (in a good way). She has a love-hate relationship with being tickled.

Amy. 5'6" tall. Pampered size 7 feet. Amy is oooone ticklish woman. She laughs, squeals, curses, thrashes around and generally just flips out when she's tickled. She she claimed her knees were her most ticklish spot... bzzzt. Hips and underarms make her go bonkers. She really enjoyed being tickled.


Ariel. 5'3" tall. Nice size 6 feet. She's an interesting case. Prior to her visit, she has not been tickled that she can remember. Nobody tickles her. She had to have her roommate tickle her to see if she could pay me a visit--they found she was indeed ticklish. So, all this tickling stuff is very new to her. Her body is her most ticklish spot. Her feet, while ticklish, are not her hot spot.


Michelle is a petite, 5'2" tall woman. She's quiet and subdued and almost seems embarrassed to react or make noise (she often tries to cover her face). She tries not to laugh or respond--often failing. She's ticklish all over but her feet are her weakness.


Britney is 5'3", buxom, bubbly, giggly and ticklish all over. She had really only been tickled on her sides prior to her visit. We find lots of places she didn't know about. It was certainly a tickling learning experience for her. Her underarms are her undoing but the rest of her doesn't disappoint. Fun fun girl.

Syliva is 5'7", 99 lbs and the most delicate little thing. She works out regularly to keep in shape but her body is soft and feminine. She's a professional model and stopped by to try something different. She's ticklish in the usual places but her underarms are her weakness.

April is a 5'4", very athletic and, good news for us, a very ticklish girl. Just about anywhere you care to tickle will send her into fits of laugher or giggling. April also loves... no, make that loves to be tickled. During our time together I gave her the nickname, "Tickle sponge".


Lisa. She 6' tall and is quite the soft girly-girl and rather soft spoken. She's ticklish all over but the front of ribcage and her underarms are her weakness. She's a quiet one who tries to resist laughing but she also revealed that sometimes she laughs so hard she, "can't muster a sound". 


Lacey. Lacey is a 5'1, bubbly little thing who is oh-so-nervous about being tickled. Very ticklish size 6 feet. She's got a wonderful bubbly laugh that flows out of her even at the thought of being tickled. Ticklish all over, it takes nary a poke to get her laughing. Adorable girl.


Say hello to Nikki. She's a spunky 20 year old who thinks tickling is fun. 5'4" tall with size 8 feet. She's got one fantastic body that is ticklish in all the right places. She's one to try and resist laughing but once her resolve weakens it's laughter and squirming all the way. Being tied up really makes it hard for her to resist because, in her words, "she has no control".


Let me introduce you to Tiffanie. She's 23, 5'5" tall with a feminine, petite body and wonderfully cared for size 10 feet (which are oh-so-ticklish). She's ticklish all over. In my time with her I didn't find a single spot that didn't cause a giggle, squirm or musical laugh. She admits her feet and sides are her worst spots. 


April. You'll be impressed. She's 20-somthing, 5'7", petite, fit (she works out) yet feminine. She's a print model who is giggly, bubbly and a ball to tickle. The icing on the cake is she loves to be tickled which is good because she's ticklish all over.  

Here's Renee. She's 19, 5'5" tall and just an adorable, petite. little thing. She wears a size 7 shoe an claims to spend all her money on shoes. She gets frequent pedicures and her feet are, indeed, very nice. She's ticklish all over and is one to hold her laugher in. She mentions in her interview that sometimes it tickles so much she can't laugh. A real cutie. 

This is Mary. She's an attractive 40-something woman who is fit as a fiddle, 5'4" tall, bubbly, sarcastic and just plain fun to be around. Oh, and let's not forget soooo ticklish. She's very ticklish on her body and on her knees and feet if you catch her right. Mary falls into silent laugher often and she laughs so hard her eyes water. What a babe.

Say hello to Ivy. She's 18 years old,  5'10" tall and her body is tiny, petite and oh so soft. Size 8-1/2 feet. Ivy does modeling and decided to pay us a visit. She's pretty much ticklish all over and claims her feet are her most ticklish spot. She's one to giggle, squeak and squirm around... along with bursting out with her very "girly" laugh. Stunning girl.

Here we have Lisa. 22 years old, 5'8" tall and petite as can be. She's a print model by day but decided to give tickling a go. She told me up front her sides were very ticklish but her stomach and underarms turned out to be great hotspots too. She's only be ticklish on her body... feet, knees and legs just don't do it for her. Non-ticklish spots aside, tickle her on her body and you're rewarded with a great stream of giggles and laughter.

Lynn is a special treat--she's one who really likes to be tickled. She's 24 years old, 5'8" tall. Size 9 shoe. She's no stranger to being tickled as her hubby takes great pleasure in exploiting her sensitive spots (he even helps out in a clip or two). Lynn is pretty much ticklish where ever you care to place your fingers. Wonderful girl.

Rachel. What can I say about Rachel... adorable for one. 23 years old, 5'7", and very petite. She's a lively, animated girl who is a joy to tickle. Light touches, poking, kneading or the threat of tickles--you name it all works on her. Her stomach, underarms and hips are her hotspots but she's ticklish from head to toe. Somebody find a way to clone her please. :)


Heeere's Bing! She's an attractive, charming Chinese woman of 30-something (hey, it's impolite to ask y'know), 5'3" tall and petite as can be. She had not been tickled since she was a child (like 5-6 years old) so this was her very first experience being tickled as an adult. We discovered that she likes to be tickled and her visit was, overall, a very positive experience. She's a calm ticklee who often bites her lip, pants, giggles and just takes it all in. Oh, and she sometimes asks (in semi-broken English) to be tickled harder too! What a doll.


Meet Cara. She's a cute, bubbly, 28 year old. 5'2 tall, petite with hard stomach muscles. Size 6-1/2 feet. Cara was rather nervous but turned out to be quite the ticklish little woman. She's one to try and hold in her laughter and the resist tickling. Underarms, sides, stomach and knees will send her into fits of giggles and peals of, "I can't take it". Feet folks are out of luck with this cutie--she barely ticklish on them. Very fun woman.



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